Phew! Busy day!

Dolphin spotting, beach, making pizza dough and sauce for dinner. Baking cakes for mummy getting home. Painting. Funny face sticky eggs. Oh and before we even started any of this we washed the car.

Is it bed time yet?

This is really tacky. Come on @wireduk ! 

Screen grab from here kindly sent me a review copy of their undated bible reading notes on Philippians.

Written by Kay Mumford these notes are excellent! They are short, gospel centered, and full of great expositional insight. The questions at the end of each day are thought provoking and are good fuel for prayer. 

My wife and I read them together at night and they’re perfect for that. They’re not too long, and clearly written. We’ve ordered another set and are currently working through the readings on Daniel. At £3.99 this series is now my go to resource when recommending bible reading notes.

You can get them here. 

The views from the pub gardens are pretty good here at Kim’s folks. Lacey Green Windmill from the @whipinn


“Even the opening strains of Coldplay’s Yellow seem to be heard with younger, more innocent ears, as if we are listening to the song in an age before Chris Martin and co became the touchstone for all things terrible”

Mark Kermode loves Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood”. Coldplay? Not so much.


Graphic made from tyre prints and ink on paper to commemorate the Tour De France.

Little bit of fun from the creative team at Cycology.

Le Tour has been great this week!

Looking for bugs at Mudpies

Attention! Le Tour De France

(via Creative Review)